Casino dump

Casino dump


Waste and Resource Recovery Facilities, Tip Shops, and Waste Transfer Stations

A-Z Guide to Waste

Managing the Richmond Valley Waste

Richmond Valley Council operates a Waste and Resource Recovery Facility at Casino (Nammoona), as well as transfer stations at Evans Head and Rappville. Charges are levied as per Council’s Revenue Policy.Council also operates tip shops at Nammoona and Evans Head facilities (refer below).

Council is an active member of North East Waste, a regional group of councils working collaboratively toward cost-effective waste management solutions. For further information, visit the NEWaste webpage.

Contact numbers for each facility are listed below.

Nammoona Waste and Resource Recovery Facility, Dargaville Drive Casino

Phone: 02

Opening Hours: ampm, Mon-Sun. Closed public holidays.

Bulk water sales at the Nammoona Facility are available from pm everyday except public holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tip Shop has separate opening hours to the waste facility. See below for Tip Shop opening hours.

Evans Head Transfer Station, Broadwater-Evans Head Road, Evans Head

Phone: 02

Opening Hours: ampm, Wed, Fri-Sun. Closed public holidays.

Rappville Transfer Station, Carwong Road Rappville:  Sunday ONLY: ampm. Closed public holidays.

All facilities are closed public holidays.


Tip Shops

Check out Richmond Valley Council&#;s two tip shops next time you want to pick up a &#;dirt&#; cheap bargain.

The Casino (Nammoona) Tip Shop and Evans Head Tip Shop are a fantastic place to shop while supporting the recycling of second hand and used goods which still have life left in them.

Nammoona Tip Shop is growing and there are some wonderful treasures to be found every day from vintage items, books, furniture and more.

We are committed to resource recovery, reuse and diverting as much as possible from landfill.

The tip shops offer a huge range of useful items including tools, kitchenware, furniture, gardening implements &#; including wheel barrows, lawnmowers, and  bins &#;  to books and pictures, homewares, toys, bikes and plenty of other recycled items simply too numerous to list.

Some come in today and grab a bargain from the Nammoona Tip Shop, or the Evans Head Tip Shop.



Opening hours:

Nammoona: The Nammoona Tip Shop is currently closed due to construction on the site.

* Opening hours at Nammoona Tip Shop are subject to staff availability. It is recommended to call to confirm the Tip Shop’s status before visiting.


Evans Head: Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. 9am-4pm.


Community Recycling Centre

Located at: Nammoona Waste and Resource Recovery Facility

Opening hours: ampm, Mon-Sun. Closed public holidays.

Have you got any of the following items piling up in your garage? Old paint, motor oil, blown light bulbs, broken smoke alarms or out of date gas bottles, then it’s time for you to visit Casino’s Community Recycling Centre at Nammoona Waste and Resource Recovery Facility on Dargaville Drive.

Other items that can be dropped at the CRC include:

  • Electronic waste
    See E-waste  for more information
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Aluminium cans
  • Glass bottles/jars
  • Metal – ferrous
  • Mixed recycling
  • Plastic containers

Only household quantities of the above materials will be accepted.  As a guide a maximum container of 20 litres or 20 kilograms each of the wastes listed.

By separating your problem wastes and taking them to your local CRC, you are helping to improve recycling, reducing waste to landfill and looking after your local environment.