Casino in bristol uk

Casino in bristol uk


Casinos in Bristol

With a population of just shy of 450,000, Bristol is England’s sixth most populated city. Perhaps it’s slightly surprising, therefore, that there are only three major casinos that serve it. To some extent that might be because it’s a city that’s quite spread out, but also because the three casinos cover most things you’d probably want to do between them.

Map of Bristol Casinos

All three casinos are part of a chain, with the Rainbow Casino probably the least well-known of them. It may not be as heard of as the other two but you won’t be disappointed by the facilities within its doors. Eight American roulette tables compliment six Blackjack tables and a load of table games. There are also some decent electronic games machines, including some electronic roulette. Poker fans will be delighted to know that the casino boasts a large poker room that tournaments on a regular basis and cash games daily.

Next up is the Genting Casino, which also has roulette, Blackjack and other table games for your amusement. Unlike the Rainbow you can’t play tournament poker, though you can play with your friends alongside a real life dealer if you contact the casino. You can watch live sport here and get a drink with some food whilst you’re doing it, should that interest you. The third casino is a Grosvenor and this is also void of poker tournaments or games. Instead, the place is full of video machines and electronic roulette. If you’re a high stakes player then the Grosvenor is for you; £2,000 Blackjack isn’t unheard of here.

Despite the sprawling nature of Bristol as a city, the casinos aren’t all that far away from each other. The Rainbow and the Grosvenor are virtually on opposite sides of the road and close to Bristol Cathedral, with the Genting being the outlier on the other side of the river and not far from Bristol Temple Meads Train Station.