Casino peer

Casino peer


Casino Pier

This area is one of the busiest places on the boardwalk. There are numerous attractions here and, with so much to do, you will always find a crowd of people in this section of Seaside's boardwalk.

When is the Casino Pier Open?

The season begins in March with weekends hours and a limited number of rides in operation. In mid-May Friday evenings are added to the schedule. Beginning sometime in early June the Casino Pier is open full time - every day, with all the rides available. Weekend hours then take effect again in September and continue through mid-October. You can find a link to their annual schedule here.


Amusements and Rides

There are both adult and kiddy rides. Many rides are restricted by height. Here are a sampling of some of what you will find (or you can see the complete list of rides).....

Adult rides:

Enterprise - Like a ferris wheel, with a twist. It goes round and round, fast enough to pin you in your seat as you are held upside down!

Disk'O - Spin around a giant disk, while being swing out over the ocean.

the casino pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Wave Swinger - A LARGE swingset, you are spun faster and faster, eventually making you arc wide enough that you spend part of your time out over the ocean.

Skyscraper - Up to 162 feet high at speeds up to 70 mph. I will leave it to someone else to tell me what this ride is like.

Fun and Scary Houses

The Mardi Gras, Stillwalk Manor (read more about this so called "dark ride's" history) and a new fun house opening in 2009 are ready to amuse or scare you!

The Classics

Bumper Cars, Tilt a Whirl, the kiddy boat ride, and Roller Coasters: the Star Jet, Wild Mouse, and Pirates Hideway.

This amateur video provides an eclectic sampling of rides from both Seaside Heights' piers. It seems like this fellow is having a fun time at the Seaside boardwalk!


Breakwater Beach

go-cart riders at Seaside Heights

The water park has many water based play areas and a small go cart track. The water attractions include a high long tube slide, a kiddy pool, a long twisted flume slide, and the "Perfect Storm" - a conglomeration of pools, slides, and plunges. your admission price is determined by the duration of your stay - 3 hours, all day, or twilight - and your age and height - below or above 48" and seniors, 55 years or older.

The park operates full time (open every day) from mid-June through late August. It is also open for limited hours for a few weekends before and after being open full time during the summer.
There is a link to their annual schedule here.


Casino Arcade and The Carousel


The centerpiece of the large indoor arcade is the 90+ year old carousel, with 58 hand carved wooden animals. Most are horses but there are also two camels, a donkey, a lion, and a tiger. The rest of the arcade features pinball, video games, Skee Ball and other games of chance. The arcade is open every day and night during the summer. In the offseason it is open Friday through Sunday. Call 732 793-6488 x-8220 for their winter hours.

Carousel History


Casino Fishing Pier

You can fish right off of the pier, within a stone's throw away from the rides. Fishing off of the pier predates the Casino Pier amusement area, although that original structure is long gone.


Games, Food, and Golf

The miniature golf course is perched above a number of stands that feature games, food, and one popular boardwalk favorite - Kohrs frozen custard.