Casino roulette fivem

Casino roulette fivem


[Standalone] [PAID] Casino Roulette - DEPRECATED version

This is a deprecated version of the script. Please head to the following link for the newer version: [SALE] [STANDALONE] [PAID] Aquiver Roulette V2

This resource was made for our server, but i did not see roulette script yet, so i wanted to share, maybe some of you would like to add some scripts to your casino.

Script was originally written in hungarian language, so some of the variables may be weird, but if you have any problem setupping it or editing let me know.
By the way i added the translations, and made some basic english translate to them.

Keep in mind, it has some custom events, which your ESX may not have. (showNotification(sv), ShowNotification(cl), and also the ‘Notify’ event)
You can easily replace with your notification events, etc.

You need to have basic understanding what you do to setup, but if you have problem, i can help you


The left side notification is not included with the script, its our custom notification, so you will have the default gta notification, thats why you have to edit the shownotifications! keep in mind!

You need to setup your own server variables for the script, like giving or getting Chips, etc. Because i do not know what will you use, so keep it in mind before you buy it.


  • Synced sitting animations
  • Synced betting objects.
  • You can leave the table when the game started, it will go on, your bets will stay in place, and if you win then you will get the reward.
  • Synced reaction animations when you lose or win.
  • Peds are talkative when you sit or you bet, etc.

My other resources
[Standalone] Custom DrawNotification

FIX ()

  • Fixed the missing ped arms (added, 5 clothes variables)
  • Fixed the missing voice group (thats why the ped not talked sometimes)
  • Fixed the memory leaking with the objects. (now you will have constantly %, because of the rendered texts, etc. which is needed.)
  • Optimized, i split the render thread for two.
  • There was a bug when you sit at the chairId 1, you stood up and couldn’t move, now you have different exit animations depending on where you are sit.

FIX ()

  • The script is now full standalone, not related to any framework.

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