Casinos in kansas city mo

Casinos in kansas city mo


We always have fun here. It's clean, we win, & I feel safe here. They offer self-serve drinks & I've never met an unfriendly staff member. I wish they had a few more food options for later in the evening, but that's not a deal breaker. Love going here.

Jen Merri — Google review

Nice place with lots of restaurants, (the buffet is closed for now due to covid, I miss the all you can eat crab night you was able to get there), fast food, drinking establishment, sports bar, even a movie theater and arcade for everyone else. Hotel is clean and fresh. Welcoming and warm. Definitely a place to relax. Open parking and a parking garage plus valet parking. If you just need a place to walk around to get exercise this is a good spot. Lots of bright lights and inviting atmosphere. Go see and enjoy!

Marci C — Google review

Not a bad place the roulette tables were pretty crowded it would have been nice if they have more. All the fancy slot machines are on the lower level and we're pretty full. Had some decent lock on a slot machine upstairs and a lot less crowd. Smells like smoke in there but it's not absolutely terrible

Nathan swett — Google review

This used to be a great place to go. Now there is not a poker room, the food choices are pathetic at best. And that is if anything is open, which nothing is right now except Burger King and a pizza place. Slots are the same you can find anywhere. Hard to get to. Table games are common. The theater has shut down . There is nothing good about this place anymore. Do not waste your time. Dealers all seem worn out. I have not been here in several years, and every part of the casino has gotten worse.

Jason Omtvedt — Google review

Beautiful ceilings, beautiful decor, air always smells so fresh and clean! Always friendly staff! Great hotel, love the mini and suites the Jacuzzi bathtub incredible soft robes! This place is and always always has been so clean and Amazing!

Rachel M. — Google review

Ameristar, called and they want their COVID restrictions back! No Poker Room is such a disappointment. Your Hotels and Casinos are beautiful but you're losing clientele by not reopening them. Truck parking is a bonus though!

Scott Miller — Google review

A friend and I went here on a Wednesday late afternoon to celebrate 21st birthdays, and we had fun in the couple of hours we stayed for! The foyer is very neat, decorated to feel like you’re outside on a small town street. We spent most of our time at the craps table, and the dealers and rest of the staff were very friendly and patient with new players. As a note, the casino does not accept temporary driver’s licenses for ID, so I’m glad I brought my old card and passport just in case. Overall a very fun experience, and I even walked out having made a few bucks!

Jacob Souders — Google review

I'm so happy I came across this hotel! It was definitely a last minute endeavor as I found it right before we made the drive from Chicago on T-mobile Travel. I didn't book through the site just in case we were too tired and we ended up making it out here just fine. ANYWAYS.. I just have to give *Joyce* a shout out for an effortless check-in experience with probably the best customer service I've ever had. If you catch her, consider yourself lucky! The room we got with a king bed is perfect. It's spacious and has two desk areas for being able to work remotely. I forsee having wonderful service while we stay here if it's anything like the service we received from Joyce.

Victoria Joseph — Google review

It's a little ways out from the city but that's kind of nice. They got great parking for all. The room was really nice and everyone was so friendly. I just don't have very good luck there I am afraid. I wish I did. It's a great place

Kathy Watkins — Google review

We were on a road trip, looked for a hotel in Kansas City that was a good price but also nice. Did not expect what we would get booking for about a $ a night. When we walked in, hotel looked clean and nice. Waited awhile to check in. There was a “ be back in 30 minutes sign”. No one else around either no valet where it appeared there would be and no one in sight that worked there. This would all had been fine if when the employee returned she returned with being polite. However check in associate was very short and rude. There was two people a head of me and she was not helpful. Once it got to me, she was still very short and rude until I asked what her issue was. The employee must have realized she was being rude and changed her tone, it’s not a great feeling to have to remind someone to be kind. Although we all have bad days! If you have kids no pool here but really cool little train areas. Very clean and good hotel we will be back!

Lucy Rodriguez — Google review

As truck drivers, the convenience of the location of this casino is on point! It’s right across from the Loves truck stop and I believe trucks can park in the casino parking as well! The atmosphere is always fun, clean & upgoing! They have different food options (restaurants & fast food).

Ashley Madero — Google review

Despite the monthly new slot machines, the literal casino floor has gone downhill. It is in desire need of new flooring and upkeep of slot machine functionality. The custodians are thorough and attentive, the slot attendants are prompt and security does greet you with a friendly salutation at the door, but as for slot machine playing (and this is more of a critique of the industry as a whole), I probably will not play the machines again as it's a guarantee that you will lose money. This wasn't the case just a few years ago as you expected to break even at the very least, followed by some frequent wins (profit). Nowadays breaking even is now considered as winning the jackpot. That's how tight the slots are nowadays. And in order to win decent, you need to play like a high roller with $5 or more on the dime or dollar denominations. Basically you have to be rich in order for a chance to win. You used to have a shot back in the good old days. The gambling industry, like every other business lately, got greedy. If they would loosen the slots up just a bit then they would have more patronage. Plus it's It's time to institute a smoking ban. Or just have a designated smoking section upstairs.

B.A.D. — Google review

Had to edit my rating as the hotel has gone seriously down hill. A colleague left a package at the front desk for me a few nights ago and the three ladies working the front desk had no idea what to do or where to look. They didn't bother to check with a manager or anyone more competent. Can't imagine the embarrassment I would feel if I was an ops manager at a place like this with these three behind the desk.

Torrence Kelley — Google review

We really enjoyed our stay here! Our hotel room was nice, clean, and spacious. The beds were so comfortable. My husband enjoyed his time at the casino and didn’t win anything major but didn’t walk out empty handed. The only complaint I have is that the parking situation is a little inconvenient.

Kansas Ritch — Google review

Casino is nice. Restaurants are okay. Just be advised you are literally paying for everything they offer. Have been here several times and each time the 9 min drive from Argosy lasted longer than $ gambling. So if you’re looking for food and a place to stay A+. If you’re hoping to have a good time gambling you’re % at the wrong spot. They don’t even let you play. Bet , , try every machine and you’ll be lucky to win whatever your bet is before your money is gone

Nicole Hallstrom — Google review

The room was absolutely perfect. Very clean and spacious. Beds were just perfect, not too hard or soft. You couldn't hear anyone in the hallways. The only issue is that the TV guide part didn't show what was playing, and you had to flip Channels to see what was on. The little coffee pot wasn't working, and I looked and saw the tubing was disconnected. Once I fixed it, the pot worked. The vending machine was completely empty of drinks, which was a slight disappointment for our daughter. We were on the 8th floor backside, so we didn't have a beautiful view from our window. Liked the online check-in and check-out option. Getting the keys was a bit of a wait while the staff member was busy answering tons of questions from the person checking in since only 1 staff member was at the desk, at least till a line started. If you plan to visit the casino part, plan to walk a bit. There were lots of restaurants, but hours on some were limited. The husband said we definitely come back and stay here next time we visit family again.

Aaren Johnson — Google review

I really enjoy staying at the Ameristar locations. This is my first time staying at the Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City. I've been to other locations and other Kansas City Casino hotels so I can compare both. As far as comparing the KC Ameristar to the other Ameristar locations, it holds it's own. The rooms were nice. The casino has a lot of games to offer and there were different restaurants that were right inside the building that you could choose from, which was great so you don't have to leave. As you are walking to the casino, there is a super cool train and fountain! The ceiling looks like the sky which is also fun! As far as other casinos in KC area, they are about the same (some pros and some cons), but the casino stood out the most! A lot of up-to-date and fun games. I noticed frequent jackpots. The staff was friendly but sparing. It seemed difficult for wheelchair or handicap access but not impossible, as there were many stairs - they have ramps and elevators but they are out of the way & not marked very well. Signage is hard to come by. We got lost coming out of the stairwell and trying to find the lobby as there were no signs marking the exit, lobby, or casino (so if there was a fire and people had to take the stairwell it would be difficult to know which way to go). We ate at An Pho and it was delicious!

Courtney Crum — Google review

You can win 25k out of this place, enter the high roller section Spacious room for you and ladies. Felt like I was in the movie "Coming to America" while in the jacuzzi. Women bringing Hoederves, etc. Excellent food. Your lady would love this place even if she didn't gamble. It's like a miniature Vegas. But if you go solo the sky is the limit!!!

Marcus Williams — Google review

the toilet smelled like sewer during the whole stay. Was only offered room spray. Could not sleep well due to smell. Carpet were very dirty and had spills. Casino was good but very smokey . internet ads are still stating they have a buffet and other things .They do NOT

shelly thompson — Google review

One of the best hotel I have ever visited now. We were amazed to see this beauty from outside and inside . The rooms are so spacious and clean. Everything is clean and great about this hotel . We enjoyed our trip a lot. The Casio is amazing plan again to go this place. Highly recommended The rooms are smoke free

Nupur Goel — Google review

Quite lovely and up to date facility. Several restaurant options and clean and up to date rooms. Just be advised they close down the craps tables the minute they lose enough action on them. With the numbers they bring in on the slots one would think a guy could play some craps within a two day stay. Otherwise phenomenal Casino.

Benjamin Rice — Google review

Very smoky, others around you smoking are rude and very demanding it is their right. No common courtesy from some people, but the casino should not put machines right next to each other. Had a lady tell me she would stick her cigarette up my a$$ if I waved her smoke away one more time as it floated into my area. This is casino fault as I said for not separating some of the machines or putting them in a circle. I was in my seat first, its just courteous to try and keep your smoke in your own area. I am not a smoker hater, just be kind. For those reasons not a place I want to visit again. Non smoking area does not have the good games so not an option for non smokers.

Ceejae — Google review

This is a decent casino to stop at. They have truck parking around back, which is always a plus for us. They had fair prices on food and drinks. I would definitely stop here again

Craig Williams — Google review

In the hood. Worst slots ever. You’ll never win anything. Maybe a part of your money back. They play fake Jackpot announcements across the machine you are playing. AS A CUSTOMER WHO IS ABOVE AVERAGE PLAYER! Do. NOT. GO. I can’t reply to their comment. Yes the jackpot announcements are fake. Or they are from other boyd gaming affiliated casinos. This place used to be great. It is an empty, ghost town. Everyone understands a “run of bad luck” that gambles. But Every. Single. Time. Is not a run. It is absolutely the programming of the machines. And a failing casino, trying to stay afloat.

William Wells — Google review

It's been about years since I've been and that place was like a ghost town. I was really shocked. I really don't know how it's staying open. The places that was open to get something to eat was pretty much empty so I didn't really feel like it might be a good place to eat. there used to be so much excitement in the air. I guess back in the day when they were fairly new place to go, but I won't go back anymore. pretty boring actually. some people

Dennis Henderson — Google review

Went to a concert there, had a good time, staff was friendly, only draw backs was the people standing in front of us blocked out view for most of the concert which sucked, not the staffs fault, I did have to ask the staff to remove a guy that was setting in a set that wasn't his. Normally, I wouldn't have done that but it wasn't right to take someones set and then stand up in front of everyone behind him.

Kyle Keezer ( — Google review

better rooms than harrahs but WHY HAVENT YOU BROUGHT BACK THE CRAB LEG BUFFET. It is not covid anymoreand all the rooms are non smokingI will literally never stay at your hotel again because there is no incentive to. youve taken away all the fun stuff, what else do you even do at the casino??

Craig Whitman — Google review