Epiphone casino noel gallagher

Epiphone casino noel gallagher


Epiphone unveils Noel Gallagher Riviera, packed with historically-accurate specs

This is no drill, Oasis fans. Epiphone has unveiled the Noel Gallagher Riviera in a stunning Dark Red Wine finish, which pays tribute to where it all began for the esteemed Britpop band.

The new model pays tribute to Gallagher’s Riviera that started it all and can be seen in the video for the iconic Oasis track, Don’t Look Back In Anger.

With the original still in his collection, Epiphone was granted access and, as a result, has included many historical elements within this new model. The colour and finish are said to be a close match to original models from that era, with Epiphone Alnico Classic PRO pickups to ensure the sound matches the looks.

A SlimTaper neck is completed by the inclusion of a volute and there’s even a historically accurate “E” appointment on the pickguard and truss rod cover. A brown sound hole label gives this guitar the desired vintage feel and a replica artist signature can be found on the back of the headstock.

Gallagher spoke of the new model in a video with Epiphone where he said, “I wanted to start playing Epiphone’s because of The Beatles, I didn’t know anything about guitars then. They looked good, they felt good, I could make them sound good. And I’m a songwriter, I’m not a guitar player, that’s my thing. And I’d never seen that colour before.”

He also reflected on the making of Don’t Look Back In Anger noting, “I have no recollection of writing it, except that I wrote it in Paris, that I do know.”

You can watch the full video below to hear Gallagher’s thoughts and get a closer look at the model:

The Noel Gallagher Riviera is available now for $ You can order yours and find out more, including a rundown of full specifications here. 

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