Hardwood suite palms casino resort

Hardwood suite palms casino resort


In this $20,000-per-night Las Vegas basketball court suite, the butler keeps score

LAS VEGAS  – On this court, the butler keeps score.

This is the Hardwood Suite in the Fantasy Tower of The Palms, a $20,000-per-night hotel stay that comes with full butler service – and a regulation basketball court.

It's a spot reserved for high net worth casino players, celebrities and professional athletes with a penchant for shooting hoops. 

Here's a look at the kind of sporty suite you'll only find in Las Vegas ... 

Inside the room 

The Hardwood Suite includes two bedrooms.

This 10,000-square-foot pad has two bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

The two-story suite includes a hidden whiskey room, a game room equipped with pool and poker tables, many big-screen TVs, a fully-stocked 16-seat bar and a dining table for 10 guests.

An urban vibe dominates the suite’s décor, anchored with street art from artists Joshua Vides, Patrick Martinex, Cryptik and MADSTEEZ.

But the most interesting part of the Hardwood Suite is the regulation-sized half basketball court.

Here, the padded gym walls fold down into Murphy beds, allowing guests to turn the court into the sportiest bedroom imaginable.

After the game, guests have a short trip to freshen up. 

The court is steps away from the suite’s very own locker room. Each locker is outfitted with a towel and robe. 

Who stays here?

The locker room inside the Hardwood Suite at The Palms.

Joe Yalda is head of butler operations at The Palms. He's usually in a room near the suite, at the ready 24/7 to address the needs of his guests. 

When it comes to describing the Hardwood Suite's common clientele, Yalda must practice discretion. It's part of the butler's job to protect client privacy. 

But in general, he said, the cast of a typical stay at the Hardwood Suite includes guests with kids – or rabid sports fans turned casino whales and their buddies.

"The Hardwood Suite offers so much for their kids," Yalda said. "We can do tournaments with the kids. There's a game room upstairs. There's so much activity for kids that it allows the parents to do whatever they'd like – whether that's a night on the casino floor or a date night or a little peace time."

On the adult side of things, the action looks a little different – especially when the NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament rolls around. 

"We did a March Madness party last year," Yalda said. "A venue like that with a group of 12 guys having a great time and watching every game in between playing games of basketball. I don't think you can get that experience in any hotel room anywhere else." 

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There's plenty of TVs in the suite, but come March Madness, the hotel fits the room with enough screens to give the party every game that's available, Yalda said:

"It's the best place to watch March Madness in the whole city.  Privately, that is." 

At an additional cost, Yalda said, the butlers can make custom team jerseys for guests.

NBA players have stayed here 

The suite has been a good getaway for casino players with children.

Professional basketball players have paid to stay in the Hardwood Suite. 

"It makes them feel like they're at home," Yalda said.

Celebrities have also put in court time playing pickup games in the suite, Yalda said.

"Some crazy basketball games go down in that room," he said.

And the butler keeps score ...

The bar sits 16 people.

The job of a butler in Las Vegas isn't limited to serving dinner and drinks.

Yalda has delivered the puppies of a guest's dog and tracked down two sets of the most collectible – and crispy – Air Jordan sneakers, precisely sized and ready for the whale staying in a nearby suite.

Sometimes, that job includes tallying points of pickup ballgames on the Hardwood Suite's court. 

"My butlers will tell you so many stories, especially from back in the day, of having to go down there and ref stuff – whether it's a simple game of horse or it's a game of two on two with professional athletes," Yalda said.  "They'll always call the butler up there to be the scorekeeper." 

Sometimes, the butler even gets the ball

The game room inside the suite.

Yalda collects sneakers, but that's no indication of his game in the paint. 

"Unfortunately, my athletic skills are very poor," he said. "Every once in a while a guest will ask me to take a shot. I'm not the best at it, and it definitely shows in that moment – especially with the suit on."

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