How to get more casino chips gta 5

How to get more casino chips gta 5


GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort Chips Farming Guide

You need chips to bet on all those fun-packed high-stakes games at the GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort. Chips will also be used to buy all the other goods available at the ground floor of the casino. So, the question here is how to acquire chips in GTA Online Diamond City and Resort update?

GTA Online Chips Farming

The casino can be a terribly addictive place, but fortunately, unlike real life, you risk nothing, and there are a few definitive methods we’ll be showing you to make a huge amount of money at the Casino in GTA Online.

The name of the game is Casino Chips farming, and let’s see the different options we have to push our gambling career to new heights.

Fastest Ways to Get Casino Chips

Not only will you get various welcoming bonuses, but there are a number of rewards simply for checking into the casino every single day.

Welcoming Bonus

If you become a member of the club, you will get a welcoming bonus. As you enter the building for the first time, you can pay for either the standard membership or get a VIP membership by buying a penthouse in the building to get this welcoming amount of chips. You get 5, chips as a welcoming amount.

It does not matter if you get a standard membership or VIP membership, the amount of chips you get is the same i.e., 5, chips. But with the VIP membership, you get some other perks that we will discuss later.


Another way to get chips is from the cashier at the club. You can buy as many chips as you want in exchange for GTA V money. But for standard membership there is a daily limit to the number of chips you can get, which is 20, chips.

This is where the perk of being VIP member is useful, the daily limit of chips that you can buy from the cashier at the club for a VIP member is 50, The rate of chips is 1$ of GTA money for 1 chip.

There is another way you can get chips from the cashier. This is through the visitor bonus. You can avail the visitor bonus once per day, this gives you 1, chips. One day in GTA V is 48minutes of real time.

How to Get More Chips

Lucky Wheel

You can find a lucky wheel in the Diamond Casino in GTA V. You can spin this once every day and win exciting prizes.

You can get a lot of chips and other prizes too. The other prizes include, RP, extra cash, new clothes and even a new car. The game updates each week and a single car can be worth as much as $4 million in GTA currency.

Hidden Playing Cards

When you visit the casino for the first time, you might see a notification somewhere in the casino which says that you can find hidden casino playing cards in Los Santos and Blaine County. If you are able to find all the hidden playing cards you will get bonus chips and RPs.

Slot Machines

This is a very obvious option to get chips. You can find these machines in various places on the casino floor.

You bet chips from 5 to and the maximum payout is 5 times to the amount of chips you bet. You can try your luck on these machines as they require no skill level, you need only luck.

Inside Track

This game allows you to bet on virtual horses. This bet is along with other players and this can be an easy way to get chips in GTA V online. You can choose your horse and bet on single event or the main event. The main event is available every 5 minutes.

You have to pick a horse and the potential reward you will get if your horse wins, is displayed. This is based on guessing the right horse. So, your luck better be working in your favor, and you’ll be getting easy wins. This will help you get a lot of chips.

Play Different Casino Games

Considering there’s a cap on how many chips you can buy off from the cashier, the best thing you can do is play through different games of the Casino. Might want to try something you’re good at, and go crazy with the chips.

We also have a nifty little trick we’ll be detailing you on to ensure guaranteed victory every single time and earn a huge amount of cash.

GTA Online Casino Chips Glitch

There is a glitch in the game that will allow you to get a lot of chips at once. You can bet 50, chips at blackjack.

What you have to do is go to the blackjack table, make your bet preferably 50, chips. Start playing, the first turn is usually easy so you will win. This win will give you a total of , chips. Now, here comes the tricky part. As soon as you get your first win, get up from the table, walk a few steps away.

Now you need to save the game so that the chips you won can be protected. To save the game what you need to do is change your clothes. When you get into a new attire, you will see an orange loading sign at the bottom, this means the game is saved and your money is now safe.

You can keep doing this and get a lot of chips in just a few minutes.

What if you lose? If you lose, what you need to do is hurry up and before the saving symbol pops up at the bottom you have to disconnect from the internet. Once you do this, the game will not be saved and you can connect back and continue from where the game was last saved.

You can disconnect from the internet on a play station by going to the setting, then connection and unchecking the connection option.

This glitch works for almost every game in the casino. Blackjack is easy to win in the first attempt, so it is recommended to try it on blackjack first.

This is the easiest way to earn a huge amount of chips in just few minutes. You can try your luck on many games and try to win chips accordingly.

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