Jacks casino hoogeveen

Jacks casino hoogeveen


Jacks online casino Netherlands

From 25 November JVH offers online games of chance and sports betting to the Dutch player. Of course, we do this with a licence, obtained from the Dutch gaming authority (KSA). In our legal online casino 'thisisnl.nl' you can play your favourite casino games whenever and wherever you want. Do you prefer to join the Live Black Jack or Roulette table or do you want to bet on your favourite football team? The good thing is that you can do all this in Dutch.

When did Jacks Casino online become legally licensed in the Netherlands?

On November 19, , the Gaming Authority granted JOI gaming a license to operate thisisnl.nl, the online casino and sports betting platform of Jack's Casino, the A-brand of JVH. thisisnl.nl offers its players a wide variety of casino games such as the well-known online video slots, but also "sportsbook" where it is possible to bet on various sports such as soccer, darts, tennis and F1. Or take a seat at the live casino tables and play roulette and blackjack with Jacks Croupiers.

thisisnl.nl new name Jack's Casino & Sports

thisisnl.nl is the new name of the online casino previously known as Jack's Casino & Sports. The new name was introduced today by parent company JOI Gaming, part of JVH Gaming & Entertainment.

Reviews customers thisisnl.nl

User reviews of Jack's online casino show a mixed picture, with many customers expressing dissatisfaction with their experiences. One user claims to have suffered a significant loss of € after two years of playing with only € in winnings, indicating low odds of winning and frustration with the gambling process. The term "clever thieves" is used to highlight the perception of dishonesty and high wagering losses.

Another review describes the casino as "biggest cheats on the internet," specifically criticising its customer service and welcome bonus policy. The need to play a bonus amount multiple times before payout is possible is perceived as misleading and unfair, leading to increased frustration and feelings of cheating.

A third customer complains of payout problems, with a prize won still not paid out after a week. This points to operational inefficiencies and communication problems between the casino and banks, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and distrust.

One review highlights the dishonesty and poor experience with bonus money, stating that both the bonus amount and one's own money are lost due to unachievable play requirements. This adds to the perception of an unfavourable playing environment.

 Positive review Jacks Casino

One review highlights the dishonesty and poor experience with bonus money, stating that both the bonus amount and your own money are lost due to unachievable play requirements. This adds to the image of an unfavourable playing environment.

A positive note comes from one user who reports a significant profit of € after a long day of play. This shows that, despite the mostly negative feedback, there are still opportunities for success within the casino.

In summary, these reviews reflect a wide range of experiences, focusing on dissatisfaction with winning chances, customer service, bonus policies and payout procedures. The single positive experience highlights the unpredictability and potential rewards of gambling, but is overshadowed by the predominantly negative perceptions of other users.

Live Casino Jacks

One of the things you'll find in their online casino is a live casino. In a live casino you watch a live stream with a real Dutch dealer in a real casino but you make your bets digitally. Jack's uses the live casino gaming tables of Evolution.  What makes Jack's Live Casino so special?
First of all, you can play only the best live casino games with us. That's why we bring you Evolution Gaming games. Secondly, we have many exclusive live Dutch tables you can join. You can play Dutch live dealer games, including roulette and blackjack. So sign up at Jack's Casino!

Try out Live Casino for free with € credit?
You can also spend your welcome bonus and other casino bonuses you can play with us on live casino games. After all, this game credit will be added to your account as a balance. Our % welcome bonus gives you up to € in game credits. You can also use this bonus in live casino games.

Slots thisisnl.nl

Visitors to Jack's Casino locations know that the company is an expert in slot machine games, and this is no different online. Here the machines are divided into classic slots and video slots. Of both categories, many well-known names are represented here. Among the classic slots, think Book of Ra, Fancy Fruits and Luck Lady's Charm, for example, and among the video slots, titles like Gonzo's Quest, Sweet Bonanza, Starburst and Twin Spin. You can also find branded video slots here, particularly from NetEnt, Microgaming and Blueprint Gaming. Think for example of Tomb Raider, Jack Hammer and Guns 'n Roses here.

A separate category within slots are the so-called jackpot games. These are machines that are linked together with one big jackpot. This jackpot can run into the millions.

How does Jack's Casino Online ensure responsible gaming?

At Jack's Casino Online you will find information on how to keep playing fun. A useful tool is a voluntary time-out for a certain period of time. You can request this from customer service. Additionally, Jack's also allows you to block certain types of games. If you are sensitive to Roulette, for example, you can have it blocked. At Jack's you are not allowed to deposit more than € 14, per 24 hours. Per week you may deposit up to € 30, and per month up to € 50,

With an enthusiastic and driven team, we work on a safe and pleasant gaming environment. The player's welfare comes first and our goal is to protect our players. We therefore strive to always be Safe, Trusted and Responsible, so you can play and bet without worry. We do this by proactively promoting responsible gaming and being available to our players 24/7.

What are the benefits of Jacks online casino?

You might be thinking: 'Why should I play at home when I can go to a real casino? We can tell you that online casinos have many advantages:

- Available 24/7
Closing time, what is that? An online casino is open all year round, 24 hours a day. So you can log in day and night for a game or a quick sports bet.

- Promotions and bonuses
Online casinos and bonuses go hand in hand. Both new and existing players can claim various bonuses. These are nice extras which you can use to try out a game or to wager for a chance to win great prizes. Jack's also has welcome bonuses, for example. Take a look at our promotions page to see everything.

- Quick payments
Instant and fast payouts at Jacks'
Jacks' pays out instantly! Quickly and efficiently into your bank account within 5 minutes.
Jack's is now using Instant Payments
At Jack's you will receive your payout in your bank account within 5 minutes

No Dress Code Jacks casino

Physical casinos often have house rules, including that you need to be stylishly and courteously dressed to enter. Online, you can stay in your sweatpants.

- Safe and secure
Legal casinos offer secure payment methods. At Jack's you can simply deposit with iDEAL or your credit card. We will come back to this later.

- The games on offer are huge
How many games a land-based casino can offer depends on a large number of factors, such as available space and staff. This means that providers can offer many more games on one website. Live Blackjack and Roulette, for example, can also be played from the comfort of your own home.

Is Jack's Casino reliable?

Yes, Jack's Casino Online is reliable. The casino has a Dutch licence and is under the strict supervision of The Hague Gaming Authority. So you can be sure that all games are fair and your winnings are paid out effortlessly.

Who owns Jack's Casino?

JVH Gaming is the market leader in the Dutch gaming industry. JVH Casino is part of the Jack's Casino, Flamingo and Flash Casino brands.

How long does Jack's payment take?

Jack's Casino bonuses are processed immediately and credited to your account within 24 hours.

How many Jacks casinos are there?

There are as many as 31 Jack's Casino branches in the Netherlands.

Advantages Jack's casino

  • Jack's is an online casino and bookmaker
  • You receive a high bonus up to € (only 20x playthroughs)
  • Lots of slot machines (+) and jackpot slots.
  • A live casino with a.o. roulette and Dutch dealers
  • Extensive sportsbook
  • Registration is clear and simple

About Jacks Casino & JVH Gaming

Jack's Casino is part of the JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group from Den Bosch. This also includes Flash Casinos, Flamingo Casinos and a number of 'white label' casinos. In total, the JVH company has more than 84 casinos of which 30 are Jack's Casinos.

Jack's Casino has a market share of 32% and is the market leader in the Netherlands. Annually, over million people visit one of JVH's casinos and the company has over 1, employees.

Jacks is based in Malta. Our office is at:

Tower SIXTY3, Level 8
63, Tower Road
Sliema - SLM

general email address is: [email protected]
Would you rather call? We can be reached at +

What is JOI Gaming?

JOI gaming is part of the JVH Gaming and Entertainment Group. With over 60 years of experience and a market share of over 30%, JVH gaming & entertainment is the undisputed market leader in the Dutch private casino industry. JVH has 85 branches nationwide. JVH gaming's casinos welcome more than 4 million visitors per year.

Jack's Casino Online: A Critical Look Through Customer Eyes

Jack's Casino Online faces considerable criticism from its customers, who share predominantly negative experiences. The general consensus points to dissatisfaction with bonus conditions, customer service, and an overall sense of unfairness in the platform's operations.

Challenging Bonus Conditions

Customers express frustration over what they describe as "deceptive" bonus conditions. One mentions the difficulty of even finding the bonus section on the site, criticizing the platform for "taking much but giving little back." Another recounts depositing money with and without a promotion, only to find that they had to wager the entire sum before any withdrawal could be made—a practice not encountered on other gambling sites.

Calls for Transparency and Fairness

Amidst the negative feedback, there's a call for greater transparency and fairness. Comparisons are made to other betting sites and services that are perceived as more straightforward and customer-friendly. The criticisms extend to the platform's approach to bonus wagering requirements, with some suggesting that these conditions encourage problematic gambling behaviors.

Official Responses Jacks

In response to the complaints, Jack's Casino emphasizes that their bonus wagering requirements are in place to prevent abuse and are in line with industry standards. They assert that these conditions are clearly communicated during the bonus acceptance process. However, this reassurance seems to do little to alleviate customer frustrations, pointing to a disconnect between the casino's policies and player expectations.

Conclusion Jacks casino

The reviews of Jack's Casino Online paint a picture of a gambling platform struggling with customer satisfaction in several key areas. While the casino defends its policies as standard and necessary, the customer feedback suggests a need for a more player-friendly approach, better communication, and improved customer service. As the online gambling industry continues to grow, platforms like Jack's Casino may need to reconsider their strategies to enhance user experience and maintain player trust.

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