Mass effect 3 casino infiltration

Mass effect 3 casino infiltration


AnimeNut11 years ago#1

When I realized this section was a "black tie" affair, I immediately started salivating at the prospect of alternate costumes. Unfortunately, Liara and Tali let me down. Seriously, could Liara be any more conservative? At least Ashley looks damn good in her dress.

For the men, I got a good chuckle out of Javik's dialogue.

Chirotera11 years ago#2

Wrex. Wrex in a suit.


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SageOfLife11 years ago#3

Hearing Kaidan ham it up when he was distracting the guards was pretty funny.

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Latula11 years ago#4

LI Garrus.

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Megawizard11 years ago#5

Chirotera posted

Wrex. Wrex in a suit.



danishjuggler2111 years ago#6

Escorting Tali (LI) down the red carpet was a major aww moment.

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BlazzingStar11 years ago#7

Javik's "Hey you, human. I am a Prothean. Look at me." Was amazing, and his dancing

ButTali is so adorable, and Ashley is so hot xD So, it is a toss up, depends on why you ask.

AnimeNut(Topic Creator)11 years ago#8

I'm just curious who has the best combination of formal dress and guard distractions. I only played through that scene w/ Ashley, but some of her distractions were pretty damn funny.

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squidney2k111 years ago#9

Javik's distractions are pretty hilarious. He pretty much tries to freak people out.

Javik: "Human. Tell me: Should I have this many eyes?"
Guard: "Uh guys, we've got another ugly Batarian on Red Sand"
Javik:" I am Prothean!"
Guard: "I may need backup"

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akanakin11 years ago#10

For some reason it didn't register when they said "black tie" that my squadmates would be dressed up too, so I picked Wrex. As soon as I saw what he looked like, I immediately shut it off so I could repick. Somehow ended up on the forums here between then and loading it up so I haven't seen anyone else yet.

It's a shame to hear Liara is a letdown. Though my first option is Ashley. Can't wait to see what she looks like

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