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Las Vegas is one of the major tourist attractions in the USA. It consists of several famous luxury hotels. Park MGM and NoMad are two of them. Visitors often get confused between these two since they are situated in the same building.

So which is best between NoMad vs Park MGM?

In NoMad vs Park MGM, both of these hotels are located in the same building on the Las Vegas Strip. While the Park MGM is up to the 28th floor, NoMad is from the 29th to the 32nd floor. Park MGM is much bigger with New York City-style apartments. Whereas, NoMad is a smaller place with elegant & dark furnishing. 

This is only the gist of my discussion. There are much more details about the differences between these two hotels. So keep reading!

Short Comparison : NoMad vs Park MGM

Both NoMad and Park MGM are top-rated hotels just like the Ritz Carlton & St. Regis. They have their ups and downs. So it is not very easy to choose one of these two hotels. However, I have tried to find out the basic differences between Park MGM and NoMad. Look at the following table to see these differences at a glance. 

FactorsNoMadPark MGM
LocationLas Vegas StripLas Vegas Strip
Floors29 to 32 StoreysUp to 28 Storeys
StyleSophisticated, Dark & Elegant Furnishing New York City–Style Apartments
Swimming PoolSeasonalAlways Open

This table will give you a quick insight into the NoMad and Park MGM hotels. But you will need more details to make the best choice. So keep scrolling to learn more!

Extended Comparison : NoMad vs Park MGM

Similar to Bellagio and Cosmopolitan, Park MGM and NoMad ensure the best experience for their customers. So you must go through all the aspects of these hotels carefully before making your decision. Hopefully, this section of my discussion will help you to do that.

Location – Nomad vs Park MGM

Location of Nomad vs Park MGM hotel is the same

Both NoMad and Park MGM hotels are situated on the Las Vegas Strip. They share the same building. Despite that, they are completely different hotels with separate check-in lobbies. Before 2016, the place belonged to Monte Carlo. 

From 2016 to 2018 a renovation took place and Monte Carlo was converted into Park MGM. And the top floors of the Monte Carlo were converted into NoMad. 


I have already mentioned that NoMad and Park MGM share the same building. The building has 32 floors in total. Park MGM comprises the first 28 floors of the building. The other 4 floors, i.e., 29th to 32nd, belong to NoMad. So the size and capacity of NoMad is quite less than Park MGM. 


The usability of the rooftop of the hotel can be important for many guests. This place can be used for different conferences and programs. Since Park MGM owns the first 28 floors of the building, they do not have ownership of the rooftop. So guests residing in this hotel need help to use the place. 

On the other hand, NoMad owns the rooftop of the building because of their position. This makes the rooftop available for the guests residing in NoMad. 

Style – Nomad vs Park MGM

Nomad hotel's room is shown in the picture while comparing it vs Park MGM
Nomad Hotel Twin Bed-room is shown in the picture

Despite being in the same building,  Park MGM and NoMad have very different styles. NoMad is a more sophisticated hotel. It has a dark & elegant furnishing. Guests visiting NoMad will feel royalty and elegance in every corner. 

Park MGM, lAs Vegas room is shown in the picture which is in light theme
Park MGM twin bed-room is shown in the picture while comparing it vs Nomad hotel

On the other hand, Park MGM rooms follow the New York City apartments. The rooms have all the necessary equipment but in a simple manner. Designs are very simple and do not offer extra to the residing guests.


The policy of Park MGM and NoMad is similar in the case of smoking. Both of these hotels do not allow smoking. Park MGM is one of the first properties near the Las Vegas strip that prohibits open smoking. NoMad also follows the same policy. However, they have smoking rooms for guests who want to smoke.


Park MGM Bar is shown in the picture

The most interesting part of residing in a hotel is the amenities offered by them. Park MGM is way ahead in this aspect. They offer a lot for their guests. The rooms in Park MGM consist of mini bars with liquors. Besides that, they also provide babysitting facilities. Services like the fitness center, pool, laundry, poolside drink service, jacuzzi, etc. are also available here. 

NoMad also provides several amenities. But they lag behind Park MGM in numbers. Internet, fitness center, pool, room service, etc. are some of the amenities offered by NoMad. The reason behind the less number of amenities is the size of this hotel. 

Since NoMad is quite smaller than Park MGM, the benefits offered by them are also less. However, both of these hotels are among the best hotels in Las Vegas in terms of amenities.

Swimming Pool

Park MGM pool is open round the year vs Nomad which is seasonal

Though both Park MGM and NoMad have swimming pools, the service offered by these pools is different. The swimming pool in the Park MGM is open all round the year. So the guests will be able to use the pool whenever they need. But the situation is not so simple in NoMad.

Nomad Pool side is shown in the picture

The swimming pool of NoMad is seasonal. That means it is open for guests at certain times only. So the guests will be unable to use the pool if they visit NoMad in the off-season. The pool season in Vegas is from March to October. However, guests residing in NoMad can use the Park MGM swimming pools too. 


Last but not least, price is an important factor when choosing a place to stay. The cost of NoMad rooms is usually more than Park MGM rooms. However, the rent of the rooms depends on various factors. Also the costs increase during tourist seasons. Yet I will try to give you an idea about the prices.

The starting price of rooms in NoMad hotels is around $532. Classic Two Queen rooms are available at this price. The costs will increase for rooms of high categories. On the other hand, the rate of Park MGM rooms starts from $323. Anyway, these prices are not fixed and can vary due to seasons and travel agents.

These are the major differences between NoMad and Park MGM. Now you should be able to make your decision. However, I will try to choose them in the next section to make your work easier. 

If you plan on staying in Marriott then do check the non-commission rates and how to apply for it.

Final Verdict 

The task of choosing between Park MGM and NoMad is quite tough like selecting between Luxor Pyramid room and Tower. If you want more benefits and amenities, Park MGM is the place to go. But the views and aesthetics here are minimal and simplistic. 

If you want to experience high-class architecture and designs, visit NoMad. Though the cost here is more, you will get an unforgettable visual experience. 


Can you use the NoMad pool if staying at Park MGM?

No, you can not use the NoMad pool if staying at Park MGM. The NoMad pools are exclusive for their guests only. However, vice versa is possible. That means, NoMad guests can use the Park MGM pools without any issue. Since the pools in Park MGM are always open, this is a big benefit for NoMad residents. 

Does Park MGM have an adults-only pool? 

Yes,  Park MGM has an adults-only pool. There are three swimming pools in Park MGM. All of these pools are adjacent to each other. Among them, one collection is adults-only. No kids or underage people are allowed to swim in this pool. This is very useful for some of the guests residing here.

Is the NoMad separate from the Park MGM?

Yes, NoMad is separate from the Park MGM. NoMad is entirely a separate hotel with a separate check-in lobby. The facilities offered in NoMad are unique and are not shared with Park MGM. The guests stay according to the policy of NoMad only. Also, the owners of NoMad and Park MGM are different.


This is all on your query: NoMad vs Park MGM. I have tried my best to make the differences between these two hotels clear to you. Now you should be able to make your decision without any issues.

Sort out your priorities before booking a hotel. Only then you will be satisfied with the services offered and the trip will be memorable.