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Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 12, “Bungo Hound Dogs,” which contains spoilers.

While Mushitaro (voiced by Takeshi Kusao) may not have known everything, with a better understanding of the Decay of Angel’s plan, the Armed Detective Agency may have just what they need to clear their name.

However, with several key players still missing or incapacitated, pulling off a counter-attack may be more complicated than everyone in anticipating.

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Considering the Armed Detective Agency has no other options, there’s no choice but to try and steal the fate-changing page from Fyodor’s group before they can enact their “erasure of state plan.” With so much on the line, no one can afford to make a single mistake this week.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

The episode opens with Tachihara, Saigiku, and Teruko returning to the Hunting Dog headquarters. There, Tachihara tells Saigiku that he learned the Decay of Angels was revealed to be the Armed Detective Agency and that the last place they were seen was a bank.

To infiltrate the enemy and steal the notebook page, Ango develops a plan involving Lucy’s ability to hide Atsushi and Kyoka while she sneaks in without being noticed.

How do the Hunting Dogs find Lucy’s location?

While getting drinks in a cafe, Tectcho and Saigiku begin questioning the owner about its location underneath the Armed Detective Agency headquarters. They then ask him about a former employee, pulling out Lucy’s picture. Although the owner initially attempts to lie about his location, he caves when the Hunting Dogs say they can protect Lucy’s future.

He tells them she is going to the Sky Casino.

Why does Sigma want to kill the Hunting Dogs?

When the Teruko and Tachihara show up at Sigma’s Sky Casino demanding cooperation in their search for Lucy and the other “terrorists,” he refuses. Suddenly, an explosion occurs that blocks the exits.

Assuming it was the Hunting Dogs, Sigma vows to kill them before their investigation results in them figuring out the true nature of the Sky Casino.

When Tachihara stumbles upon Sigma’s secret room, he begins to panic, afraid the Hunting Dog will discover his secret. Hidden in the private room is a safe of foreign currency; only each coin is hollow and filled with explosives.

It is these coins that will be at the center of the next Decay of Angels attack, he says before using one to try to blow up Tachihara.

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By distributing the coins at the Sky Casino, The Decay of Angels can ensure they make it worldwide. From there, the plan is to trigger all of the bombs at once from the Casino, creating global destruction and panic.

Why do Atsushi and Kyoka want to capture Sigma?

Atsushi and Kyoka seek to capture Sigma because not only is he a member of the Decay of Angels, but he is the one who knows where the notebook page is.

Atsushi then says this is all part of Dazai’s bigger plan.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 12 Ending Explained

Why did Fyodor choose Sigma to run the Sky Casino?

Back in Mersault, Dazai and Fyodor discuss why the latter hired Sigma to run the Casino in the first place. Dazai finds it interesting that he has no past. He says that all he could on Sigma was the nature of his ability, which allows him to trade information with the people he touches.

Dazai is soon able to piece everything together, realizing that Sigma stole and used the notebook page to create the Sky Casino eight days earlier, despite records stating it has been around for 13 years.

To answer his question, Fyodor says he hired Sigma because he is the most powerful since he has nothing, including no past, due to amnesia. Therefore, Fyodor knows Sigma will protect the Casino with everything he has because he is desperate.

The episode ends with several casino patrons stabbing Tachihara as Sigma announces to guests he will erase their gambling debt in return for attacking the Hunting Dogs.

Although many of the series rely on mysteries and reveals, it feels a little late in the game to introduce new characters and drop so many bombs on viewers.

Overall, the episode was still quite entertaining, and it was never confusing or felt like too much.

However, it didn’t feel like we were wrapping up any loose ends so much as creating even more.

With the season finale next week, here’s hoping we don’t end on any mysterious cliffhangers because there are still so many characters we haven’t seen again and questions to be answered.

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