Casino barriere le touquet

Casino barriere le touquet


Are you visiting Northern France soon and looking for the best things to do in Le Touquet? We are here to help!

Le Touquet is a charming town on the coast of northern France, near the city of Calais.

It&#;s particularly popular with tourists and for good reason. There&#;s something for everyone in this pretty town.

From the museums and churches to the fabulous beaches and restaurants, Le Touquet is a true little piece of heaven.

So if you&#;re looking for ideas on what to do during your visit, here are 15 of the best things in Le Touquet.

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things to do in Le Touquet

Relaxing at Le Touquet Beach

One of the most popular things to do in Le Touquet is to spend the day at the beach.

The town&#;s main beach, Le Touquet Beach, is simply beautiful. It&#;s perfect for a relaxing day by the sea with friends or family.

It&#;s located between the town centre and the Canche Bay nature park. Here you will discover 12 kilometres of sandy beach. It&#;s one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern France and on the Opal Coast.

There are many things you can do on this beach but if you are visiting in summer, one of the most obvious activities is swimming and relaxing.

There are many colourful beach huts along the beach as well as several beach bars.

PRO TIP: There are large carparks right by the beach but you will have to pay for these. If you are willing to walk 10 minutes, you will find free on-street parking in the more residential parts of the town.

Sand Yachting on the beach

If you are looking for a more active thing to do on the beach, why not try sand yachting? It&#;s a very popular activity in Le Touquet and such a unique thing to do!

Sand yachting is basically like sailing but on sand instead of water. You can hire a sand yacht from one of the many companies in Le Touquet.

Most of them will give you a short lesson on how to control the yacht before setting you off. It&#;s great fun and a wonderful way to see the beaches of Le Touquet from a different perspective.

Roam around the town centre

Le Touquet&#;s town centre is lovely and definitely worth exploring. It&#;s very pedestrian-friendly with plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants to discover.

The houses are incredibly cute and unique.

Since the town centre is quite small, you can easily explore it on foot. Take some time to do what the French call &#;flâner&#; which means relaxing while strolling around.

The Rue Saint-Jean is the main street in Le Touquet but make sure to also spend some time in the smaller streets where you can find unique pieces of architecture.

There are also some beautiful parks and gardens in the town centre, such as the parc de l&#;Estuaire.

Go to the covered market

If you are in town on a Thursday, Saturday or Monday, make sure to visit the covered market of Le Touquet.

It&#;s located in the town centre and is one of the cutest markets in Northern France. There are stalls selling fresh produce, cheese, meat, fish, and much more.

Musée du Touquet

If you are looking for some cheap things to do in Le Touquet, visiting Le Touquet museum will be an excellent option.

It&#;s located in the town centre and is very easy to find. The museum is housed in a beautiful building which used to be a private mansion. There are gorgeous timber frames as well.

It&#;s a nice museum to visit because you will find gorgeous examples of local paintings and photos.

The most remarkable collection in the museum is the colonie d’Etaples which consists of paintings made by French painters who used to go to Le Touquet and the Opal Coast.

Check out the Villa Monéjan

This one is a bit of a unique site since it&#;s not a landmark you can visit but it&#;s still interesting to mention it.

The Villa Monéjan has become famous since the most famous house in Le Touquet. Why? Because it belongs to Brigitte Macron, France&#;s first lady.

If you follow a bit of French politics, you may know that Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, love Le Touquet and they spend a great deal of time here.

The Villa Monéjan was actually the holiday house where Brigitte Macron used to spend her holidays as a child.

It now becomes to her and the couple is known for visiting often.

They even came here to vote for the presidential election in April

The house is located at the very top of the Rue Saint-Jean, near the lighthouse and in what is nicknamed the golden triangle of Le Touquet.

You can easily get there on foot and admire it from the outside.

Visiting Le Touquet Lighthouse

Le Touquet Lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks in town. It&#;s located at the very top of the Rue Saint-Jean and offers stunning views over the town and beaches.

It was built in the 40s and is 45 metres high.

The lighthouse is open to visitors and there is a small museum inside which tells the story of how it was built and operated over the years. You can also join one of the local guided tours for 6 euros.

There are steps to the top. From there you will discover breath-taking views over Le Touquet, the Opal Coast and can see as far as Normandy!

Casino Barrière Le Touquet

Want to have some fun? Then head to the Casino Barrière Le Touquet.

It&#;s located in the town centre and is a beautiful building. You will find all sorts of the table and slot games as well as a bar and a restaurant.

It&#;s a fun place to visit in the evening if you want to have some fun and enjoy some games.

Horse Riding in Le Touquet

Le Touquet is also an excellent place if you love horse riding. It&#;s one of the rare places where you get to ride on the beach.

Since Le Touquet Beach is so wide and long, it makes the perfect place for a horse riding trek. It&#;s so much fun and the scenery is second to none.

You can book your discovery or sporty trek directly from the horse riding centre, the Centre Équestre Du Touquet.

The treks can be 1 or 2 hours but also half days, full days and even full weekends so no matter what your level is, you will find something that will suit you.

Visiting the Canche Bay Nature Park

The Canche Bay Nature Park is located just outside of Le Touquet and is a great place to spend a day if you love nature.

This nature park is located at the mouth of the river Canche and is a true piece of heaven.

There are hiking trails, bird watching, and even canoeing and kayaking.

You will find several easy walking trails that will allow you to walk around the dunes and discover this beautiful environment.

The most popular ones are:

  • Le Chemin des Molières &#; km return
  • La Butte aux Signaux &#; km loop
  • La Boucle du Tadorne &#; km loop

It&#;s called parc naturel de la Baie de Canche in French and most of the information available online is in French so if you have any doubts about the activities you can do there, head to the visitor centre of Le Touquet or Etaples.

The staff will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Also, don&#;t hesitate to ask them about their themed guided tours of the nature park. They are offered during the high season and include 2 to 3 hours of a fun guided tour with a naturalist.

Laby&#;Parc Touquet

Laby&#;Parc Touquet is an outdoor adventure park that is perfect for a family day out.

It only takes 7 minutes to get there.

There are over 25 challenges spread across different courses. The courses are designed for different age groups ( years old, years old, and 13 years old and up) so everyone can have fun.

Some of the courses are in the trees and include zip-lines, rope bridges, and Tarzan swings.

You will also find some water activities with slides and water balls.

Basically, it&#;s the perfect thing to do in Le Touquet with kids.

Parc Bagatelle

Parc Bagatelle is another amusement park near Le Touquet.

It&#;s located near the town of Berck, which is about 20 minutes from Le Touquet.

This is another great activity for families near Le Touquet. You will find all sorts of roller coasters including for younger kids.

It&#;s also a cheaper option compared to Disneyland Paris or the Parc Astérix (both are near Paris).

PRO TIP: Book your ticket in advance on the official website, it&#;s a bit cheaper that at the gate.

Discover the local restaurants and cafes

If you want to discover more typical French delicacies, Le Touquet will be the perfect place to do so.

The Opal Coast is home to some of the best restaurants and there are loads of dishes to try.

Seafood is big here and if you want to try something a bit unique, opt for the mussels with Maroilles cheese sauce.

This is a cheese from Northern France and it got pretty famous in recent years because it was featured in the movie Bienvenue Chez Les Ch&#;tis (Welcome to the Sticks).

You will also find loads of local snacks like chocolate or orangettes.

If you head to Rue de Metz or Rue Saint-Jean, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food. You can get a delicious meal in one of the local restaurants or even bring back some foodie souvenirs that you can buy in the boutiques.

Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church

This is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Le Touquet and it&#;s definitely worth a visit.

The church was built at the beginning of the 20th century and it&#;s located on Boulevard Daloz.

It is quite an important church because it was the first one to be dedicated to Joan D&#;Arc.

As you may know, she was burnt at the stake and was only recognised for what she really was centuries later.

This church in Le Touquet was the first one to be dedicated to her and that&#;s what makes it such an important landmark.

Another important one (and the biggest) is the one in Rouen but it was built much later.

Walking along the promenade

If you want to admire the beach in all its beauty, you can also head to the promenade (called Esplanade) and walk along the beach.

If you have some roller skates, it will be the perfect place to take them out.

The promenade is long and flat so it&#;s particularly practical. It&#;s also very pretty at sunset.

Le Touquet is a charming town with plenty to offer tourists. Whether you&#;re looking for outdoor activities, amusement parks, or restaurants and cafes, Le Touquet has something for everyone. So if you&#;re planning on visiting this pretty town on the coast of France, be sure to add these activities to your list!

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