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NZ Online Casinos

We’re constantly scouring the web for new casinos. In fairness, this isn’t too difficult. The online casino industry is a highly competitive sector. It’s also extremely lucrative. As a result casino sites are constantly popping up as new operators try to elbow their way into an already crowded marketplace. In turn, players are always on the lookout for new casinos.

While the introduction of new gaming platforms can be good news to gamers, a strong degree of caution is recommended. Because for every cutting-edge casino, there exists at least twenty sub-standard ones created solely to make a fast buck to the exclusion of all else.

These kinds of operations often stick out like a sore thumb – laughably bad designs, poorly conceived site structure and a lack of contact information are just some of the clues that you should hit the browser back button. But what about those casinos that look the part? Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to use visual cues to decide a platform’s worth.

So before we even consider including a casino on our pages it must, at the very least, be licensed by a reputable jurisdiction. SSL encryption should also be fully-deployed. If these are in place, we’ll then composed a review based on a wider set of factors - more of this later. Check out the latest online casinos

Live Dealer Casinos

Live casino gaming is another major growth area in the casino industry. The best live dealer casino platforms offer players a level of immersion and excitement that’s akin to some of the best land-based establishments - the technologies that go into the creation of these online environments have come a very long way in a short space of time. It’s a no-brainer then, to include those casinos that offer a compelling live dealer suite. Although not an option with every virtual casino, more and more operators are including live games to satisfy the changing demands of players.

Top Rated Online Casino Sites

There’s nothing quite like a positive rating to instil confidence when you’re not quite sure about a particular operator. So to help guide you in your pursuit of the top online casinos, we’ve arranged the top-rated ones in ascending order. These trusted operators tick most boxes as far as we’re concerned and excel in multiple areas of importance.

NZ Mobile Casinos

Mobile casino gaming is huge. In fact, the majority of players now prefer hand-held devices over desktop computers. To the more seasoned observer, this may seem a little bizarre. Surely larger screens make for a more immersive gaming experience? Well, yes and no. These days, many of the cool in-game features you’ll find on desktops have also been successfully ported over to mobiles – we have HTML5 to thank for this. Previously, casino games were written in Flash which wasn’t compatible with mobiles.

So while there’s no substitute for a computer monitor screen, the touch technology of smartphones and tablets adds an extra layer of interactivity that’s not available with most PC machines. To tap into this enormous market, game developers are now fully harnessing the potential of HTML5 to deliver mobile casino games that are actually worth playing. There’s also no need to download apps loading times are faster and the software places fewer demands on your mobile device.

With all this firmly in mind, we’ve created a casino play for mobile phones category.. This will make it easier for you to find the best mobile casino sites. Most are responsive these days and able to operate across all devices. Like anything though, there are a few exceptions this rule.

NZ Casino Reviews

As you can see above, we assign each operator a grading. But unlike many ‘review’ sites, we don’t just arbitrarily assign these ratings – our casino reviews are based on detailed and considered evaluations in which we take into account important elements such as safety, promotional variety, game selection, usability, and customer support.

We like casinos that look after their players too so we often look favourably on those that offer VIP schemes. The operators featured on our site have already satisfied certain prerequisites before we even begin our assessments, you’ll rarely find an over-negative review. With that said, if we find one that’s lacking in certain areas we’ll certainly tell you about.

Online Casino Pokies

What about the developers who are behind the casino's games? Well, this is an area that’s become pretty crowded too. There’s now an extensive range of pokie developers from all over the world, serving an ever-growing number of gambling markets. Some of the most illustrious of these developers include Netent, Microgaming, Playtech and WMS (Williams Interactive).

Given how competitive the industry has become, these software companies are under immense pressure to deliver fresh and innovative casino games on an almost constant basis. While this often results in the introduction of some outstanding titles there’s also a lot of chaff, with companies occasionally doling out derivative games that don’t bring anything new to the table. Take a look at the number of games based on Greek mythology for a prime example of a theme that’s been done to death.

So as well as providing detailed background on the leading developers, we also evaluate their portfolios and review their casino and pokies. We want you to gain a full understanding of how these companies operate.

Safe Online Casino Sites

Safety is a big deal when it comes to online casinos. Accordingly, all the operators on InsideCasino are completely safe to use and fully-licensed by good jurisdictions. Here’s a run-down of the things to look out for when searching for top New Zealand casino websites.

Personal Data Protection

To begin with, security is probably going to be one of your chief concerns if you’ve decided to register and provide personal and/or financial information – and rightly so. Thankfully, all bona fide online casinos use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt online connections and lock down your personal data. This area has become so important that Google actually factors SSL into its ranking algorithm.

It’s easy to tell if a website uses SSL. Your browser will display a padlock to the left of the website’s address. Should you come across an actual online casino without SSL technology, don’t even think about submitting personal information. If it purports to offer gambling games, you should treat the site with the contempt it deserves and leave. There are of course exceptions to this rule as discussed below.

Player Welfare and NZ Licensing

Player welfare and licensing are also key considerations. In New Zealand whilst there isn't a local regulatory body there are reputable licensing jurisdictions such as the Malta Gambling Association which sets exacting standards for all NZ online casinos offering online gambling games. It’s one of the most respected regulatory bodies in the industry because it prioritizes player welfare over profit. Thankfully, you can verify whether or not an online casino is licensed by the MGA by scrolling down to its page footer. Hopefully, you will see a hyperlinked MGA license. If not, the online casino is either disreputable, does not include online gambling games (like InsideCasino) or is based in a foreign country.

Casino Payments

Among the many things that website customers look for when visiting a shop or e-tailer, variety of choice and convenience are among the most important. For virtual casinos, these two elements often translate to game selection and payment options.

The vast majority of online gambling sites offer traditional payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard or casino payments with PayPal, as a bare minimum. These services are well-established across all manner of industries and are of course highly trusted by consumers.

They also remain the deposit option of choice for many casino gamers because they make for safe and secure online transactions. But they’re not perfect. Every time you visit a new online casino, you’ve got to enter your card details. Some even require you to re-enter your card details for each transaction. This isn’t exactly ideal when all you want to do is have a flutter or try your hand at the latest NZ pokies and traditional casino games.

Online Casino Promotions

Here at InsideCasino, we recognize that casino bonuses and promotions are a major factor for players when it comes to choosing top online NZ casinos. Therefore, we offer you the low-down on the endless variety of incentives and allurements that operators peddle to prospective players.

If you’re unfamiliar with this side of things, our guides should help you to gain a fuller understanding of what has become a rather convoluted area. And to help you track down casinos that offer specific promotions, we’ve organised the many operators on InsideCasino according to the types of deals that they offer.

Online Casino FAQs

What are the safest online casinos in New Zealand?

When it comes to online casinos, security is quite important. As a result, all of the operators on InsideCasino are absolutely safe to use and have been properly licenced by respectable regulatory organisations.

Are online casinos legal in New Zealand?

Legal online casinos do indeed exist in New Zealand and it’s not actually illegal to play at an online casino. It is illegal, however, to operate an online casino in Canada without a license. This is the reason that most of the best legal casino sites are located off-shore.

Which online casinos are legal in New Zealand?

We recommend that you play at legal casinos (offshore sites) that do have casino licenses. There are reputable licensing jurisdictions such as the Malta Gambling Association that sets exacting standards for all online casinos offering online gambling games.

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