Slots gold casino

Slots gold casino


Love the glamor of flashy metal? Want to become a part of one of the craziest get-rich-or-die-trying rushes of all time? Well, gold rush slots may just be the answer for you. Rather than venturing into perilous mine shafts or trying to keep the skin on your back while bad actors are bent on getting you out of the way, there is now a much safer, and way more fun to be a part of the craze for riches.

It&#;s called gold rush slots, and they will offer you a taste of what it feels like to strike gold when you least expect it. Played online for real money and fun, these games are designed to bring you a rewarding experience and possibly help you get a bit richer.

Failing that, the level of fun is guaranteed. Let’s take our pickaxes and plunge them into the juicy gold-rich seams glittering with opportunity next!  

Best Gold Rush Slots

  1. More Gold Diggin
  2. Gold Rush Gus
  3. Gold Heist
  4. Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches
  5. Paydirt

More Gold Diggin

More Gold Diggin gold rush slot by Betsoft.

Hello, miners! Jeb and Cletus invite you to join their journey to the top by trying one of the best gold rush slots – More Gold Digging by Betsoft. The slot is a delight for the eyes, as it features a whole bunch of precious metals encased in the mine and Cletus and Jeb waiting for their moment to blow out the rock to get to the flashy reward.

The pair of hopefuls will cheer for your every win and remain rather impassive to your losses. There is a lot about this slot that says gold rush. Naturally, you have the TNT kegs that will trigger the free spins rounds and multipliers which are represented by exploding gold symbols that can trigger both free spins and the coveted multipliers.

You may also press your luck if you end up winning without triggering the free spins in the Double Up Game and having the chance to turn the winnings into an even bigger payday. The game will appeal doubly to you if you love cards and don’t mind the Western feeling that is usually associated with gold rush slots!

Play More Gold Diggin

Gold Rush Gus

Woohoo Games' Gold Rush Gus game.

Speaking of a true classic of the genre, Gold Rush Gus is a game that you certainly want to try. Gus is a jolly old man who has an incessant zeal for all that is shiny and buried in the bowels of the earth. The character even welcomes you with a “Yeehaw!! Let’s Dig!” right from the start as he dances into the grid, which is like nothing you have seen.

The way the game works is highly thematic too. Gus will be prompted to move forward by each spin and hit the ground with his pickaxe for a chance to excavate various winning combinations of gems and gold. There are Wild and Free Spins Symbols along with Keys that can unlock all sorts of special levels.

The game also features a jackpot which is always there for you to try your hand at and after winning any sum, Gus will take off his hat and cheer you up for a job well done! The unorthodox grid is quite neat, and you will also try to collect five ruby and emerald symbols which will fill up a counter at the top of the reels that will trigger the Mini Jackpot game, but don’t worry as the Global Progressive Jackpot keeps on growing despite this.

Players can also unearth an old map where X marks the spot and where you will enter a bonus game which may pay a lot! Want a great gold rush slot game? Gold Rush Gus is it!

Play Gold Rush Gus

Gold Heist

Dragon Gaming's Gold Heist slot game.

Gold Heist by Dragon Gaming is another excellent gold rush slot that you will want to try your hand at excavating some riches and enjoying the fantastic world of California where rival companies, opportunists and no-good characters will clash over gold.

Sure enough, the game comes featuring revolvers, mine carts wheeled out of a mine, and filled with chunks of precious metal, gold bars, a local bank where you can salt away your goods, Scatter and Wild symbols, and Revolvers that will be necessary to fend off against poachers and Bandidos.

It gets even better because Gold Heist will make you feel like you have struck actual gold with the 3 Scatter Symbols letting you into the Minecart Bonus where you can win up to 50 free spins for some serious payout opportunities. Stacking the symbols together can be particularly generous with payouts for Wilds reaching 1,x.

Apart from the Mine Cart bonus game, players can also set out on the Mine Trail bonus game which is further going to liven up the experience and let you access multipliers as high as x for that added wow factor that only a gold rush slot can offer you!

Play Gold Heist

Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches

Gold Rush Gus the City of Riches slot game.

Gold Rush Gus is back, and although he is not probing the depths of mountainous California, looking for gold seems, he is equally zealous about exploring ancient Aztec temples where coveted gold prizes lie. Not a typical gold rush slot game per se, Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches is about making you rich.

The beloved mustachioed character is once again going to try his luck at what is an exquisitely crafted slot by Woohoo Games. Players get to enjoy a Wild Symbol shaped like a mystic golden statue, a Free Spins symbol that invites you to explore a hidden temple and a key to a secreted level where even more rewards await.

Good ‘ol Gus is of course right there with you helping you nudge the action along, as he casually throws his pickaxe to catch it and has his wide smile hidden by the white moustache. After all, who wouldn’t feel happy at the prospect of turning a hefty payday? The game has livened up the experience a notch as well, with Woohoo Game suffering a Coin Gamble Game, auto-play, and up to 15 Free Spins with random multipliers!

If you are looking for one of the best gold rush slots, you can rest assured that Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches are it.

Play Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches


Paydirt slot game.

Salt of the earth – or at least one of the best gold rush slots you can find out there. This is how we can describe Paydirt, a game by Realtime Gaming that offers plenty of variety when it comes to its actual gameplay. The game is what you would call a classic gold rush slot as it features slightly old-fashioned graphics, but functional and fulfilling gameplay across the board.

Mechanically, you can expect to find a game that is a real blast. There are 12 free spins built into the game and a bonus round that is called just that – Gold Rush! The bonus level takes you deeper into the mine’s bowels and lets you swing your pickaxe in the hopes of striking Bonus Symbols that will help boost your potential payout.

The game may be a little short of any flashy features, but it is a fantastic opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the world of gold rush slots right here and now. Plus, there is an actual Random Jackpot of the Day feature that will add to the trepidation of discovering treasure under the rock!

Play Paydirt

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