Egt casino

Egt casino


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General Cabinets

The General series is the executive choice when it comes to look, feel, and function. Designed to grab players’ attention and engineered to hold it with excellent games, performance, and comfort.

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Phoenix Cabinet

The Phoenix cabinet is the latest addition to the EGT family. It is a cutting-edge gaming machine with interactive displays that deliver exceptional visual quality, complemented by a stereo sound system that elevates the gaming experience.

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Premier Cabinets

High quality and compatibility characterize the classic Premier series, featuring attractive design, crystal clear and reliable touchscreen displays, and supported by top-performing EGT gaming platforms with a rich library of titles.

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AWP Cabinets

The indulgence of casual players everywhere. Our AWP cabinets offer the stylish design, visual splendor, and entertaining game collections of our signature models, paired with the capabilities of a true amusement-with-prizes slot machine.

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VLT Cabinets

Experience the advantages of our VLT system, which is both flexible and user-friendly. Our cabinets are designed to captivate players with their stunning visuals, reliable touchscreen displays, and vast selection of gaming titles.

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