Pechanga casino concerts

Pechanga casino concerts


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I was expecting a lot more NSYNC and Backstreet Boys songs. It was cool to see them so close but the show could’ve been a lot better. That jazz stuff has to go and the part where they sing songs from tv shows has to go. They can use that time to sing more of their songs


Awesome! She sounds excellent, overall good line up for the birthday bash.


The show was great but all most all of the people in the audience were dead. How can you not get up and dance to stray cat strut, fishnet stockings etc. Brian even asked a few time for the dead people to get up.


Absolutely outstanding performance from Styx. I’ve loved this band all my life, travelled from Scotland to see them before they call it a day and so happy I did… if I have half Tommy’s energy when I am 70 I’ll be delighted!! All the hits basically, for the Casino crowd who were very receptive! Wonderful night!!


Styx killed it at Pechanga last night! Wonderful vocals. Amazing instrumentation. These guys need to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!


Absolutely phenomenal show! By far the best live show vocals, musicians and talent I've seen.


It was shorter than I expected. … it was under 2 hours Other than that, they rocked!


Band was great. Venue is very nice but needs more than 2 bartenders in the theater. Security screeners a little aggressive, treating a 65 year old petite Japanese woman like she's a threat


Without a doubt, Fab Four is probably the ultimate Beatles Tribute Show. For me, this particular show was not up to their previous performances.


Great venue, great show. They played all the hits and quit a few surprises from early records.


I love Cheap Trick, and they did not disappoint! The sound was great, they rocked the house and we had a blast!!!


Saw in Vegas! Great show! The Venetian is a great venue and the high school band was a great way to end the show!!


Perfecto! Me encanto! Super bien organizado ! Y la banda toca hermoso!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 The band plays Perfect! All well organized! I love it!


Incredible show!!! Kelly's voice was spot on and the band rocked the house. The crowd brought high energy and you could see the whole band feed off of it. They played all the hits and played for about 90 minutes. It was a Great Sunday Night!


I had a great time at the Commodores concert last night it was very nice every song was a hit the lead singers the band was awesome I must admit I was the life of the party when I walked in that's when the party started that was great energy and everyone had a nice time everyone enjoyed the concert it was off the chain we laughed we had fun and we danced and we screamed and yelled The Commodores is a fantastic group and I will go anywhere in the world that I can to see them and when they come back to the Pechanga next year I will be there having a great time enjoying the concert


54 years old, I first saw them 37 years ago. They are still the tightest band that you will ever see live. I am in their Credit video twice!


Paul never fails to put on a fantastic concert. I've been to many concerts, but flew down to SoCal to have my son experience one. He was very impressed by his powerful voice and his remarkable energy. He's like fine wine-gets better with age.


His show was great as always. I have been to many of his concert and have never been disappointed. The man has so much energy and you can tell he enjoys every minute while he's performing. He gives it his all and is the greatest entertainer. He really wants his audience to be involved and is such a loving, caring individual. To his audience and band you can tell he is the sweetest. His smile is infectious. I will also be attending his concert in Indio this coming Saturday. I love his, may he continue to sing for all of us for many years to come. God Bless him. Ali Holland


Best venue I have seen Alice in and loved the show!!!


this was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. such good artists and performances!

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